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Programs And Services

To Enquire About Services Call Maryvale – 519-258-0484 And Ask For Intake

Call In Single Session Phone Service – 519-419-1397

For Ages 13 to 17 – Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm – A Therapist Will Respond

*Last appointment time is 4:00 PM*

Parent Support Call-In Service

A brief phone service that is available to parents/caregivers of youth ages 13-17.

One of our Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) trained staff will provide parenting strategies with a focus on developing positive relationships and improving communication.

Tuesday – Thursday,  8 AM – 6 PM



Crisis Services

For youth up to 15 years of age, please go to Windsor Regional Hospital Metropolitan Campus – Emergency Department – 1995 Lens Avenue.

For youth 16+ years of age, please go to Windsor Regional Hospital Ouellette Campus – Emergency Department – 1030 Ouellette Avenue.

In Leamington: For youth up to 18 years, please go to Erie Shores Healthcare – 194 Talbot Street West

es Healthcare – 194 Talbot Street West



Day Treatment Program

Maryvale’s Day Treatment Program provides treatment in a school setting for youth between the ages of 13 and 17 experiencing significant school difficulties and possible social and family problems. The Day Treatment Program is an on-campus school operated in conjunction with the Greater Essex County District School Board. Youth and their families are provided specialized classroom settings, counselling, and a variety of programs that build on their strengths.

Programme de Traitement de Jour

Maryvale dispense la scolarité et le traitement aux enfants et adolescents, âgés de 13 ans à 17 ans, qui ont de graves problèmes à leur école communautaire et, typiquement, font face à des conflits au sein de leur famille et de leur communauté. Le traitement de jour propose des heures flexibles, incluant en soirée, au besoin.

On y trouve une école sur campus dirigée conjointement avec le Greater Essex County District School Board.

Acute Care Mental Health Hospital Program

This acute psychiatric inpatient program provides services for children and teens up to the age of 16 from Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent who are experiencing significant mental health difficulties. Administered by Windsor Regional Hospital and located at Maryvale, the acute psychiatric inpatient program provides timely assessments, stabilization, and referral at discharge to community services for ongoing assistance. Access is through the emergency rooms at Windsor-Regional Hospital for the Windsor-Essex area and Chatham Kent Health Alliance for Chatham Kent. Windsor Regional Children’s Centre staff will meet the young person and family and will play a lead role in follow up service for Windsor and Essex County patients and Chatham Kent Children’s Services pediatric crisis staff engage in the same involvement for patients from Chatham-Kent.

Maryvale propose des services aux enfants et adolescents, 7 – 16 ans, résidents de Windsor-Essex et Chatham-Kent, atteints de problèmes significatifs de santé mentale. Administré par le Windsor Regional Hospital et hébergé par Maryvale, ce programme offre des évaluations en temps opportun, la stabilisation et l’orientation vers les services communautaires aux fins d’aide continue. Pour les résidents de Windsor, l’accès est possible de la salle d’urgence du Windsor-Regional Hospital; sur la recommandation d’un pédiatre pour la région de Chatham-Kent ou sur la recommandation d’un pédopsychiatre qui peut arranger l’admission. Le personnel du Windsor Regional Children’s Centre rencontrera le jeune et la famille et jouera un rôle prépondérant en matière de suivi.

Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)

This is a preventative intervention program built on fostering positive parent/child relationships. Maryvale has a team of trainers who are qualified to teach positive approaches to parents of teenagers using practical information, advice, and practice.

Il s’agit d’un programme d’intervention préventive qui favorise une relation parent/enfant positive. L’équipe de formateurs de Maryvale est qualifiée et en mesure d’enseigner des approches positives aux parents d’adolescents à l’aide d’information, de conseils et de méthodes éprouvées.


Counselling Services – Leamington, Belle River, Essex and Windsor

The outpatient service uses a variety of approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and  Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) to assist teens with diagnoses such as depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and anxiety. The process is generally explored through 12 to 20 individual and/or family sessions, usually on a weekly basis. There is a component of psycho-education for both the youth and family, if agreed upon by youth and family. The approach focuses on exploring solutions, identifying available resources, and developing new approaches to coping with emotions, thoughts, and social situations.

Le service aux patients externes a recours aux stratégies de « comportement cognitif » pour aider les adolescents qui souffrent de dépression, de troubles obsessivo-compulsifs et d’anxiété. Le processus dure, en règle générale, de 12 à 20 sessions individuelles et/ou en famille, habituellement sur une base hebdomadaire. Il comprend un élément lié à la psychoéducation à l’intention du jeune et de la famille, si toutes les personnes concernées sont d’accord. L’approche focalise sur l’exploration de solutions, le recensement des ressources disponibles et l’élaboration de nouvelles approches afin de gérer les émotions, les pensées et les situations sociales.

PreVenture Program

PreVenture is a workshop for youth aged 12-17 which aims to identify personality-related risk factors, such as anxiety, depression, and impulsivity, which may be associated with mental health concerns and substance misuse. Workshops aim to strengthen youths’ capacity to cope and provide them with the tools they need to pursue and attain their long-term goals.

The program was developed by Dr. Patricia Conrod, a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the Université de Montréal, a clinical psychologist and a researcher at the CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center. Previous studies have demonstrated that the PreVenture program can effectively prevent or reduce alcohol misuse, drug use as well as conduct, and/or mental health concerns. Previous studies have also shown that the beneficial effects of the program can be maintained for two years after its delivery.

Programme Pré-Aventure

PreVenture est un atelier pour les jeunes de 12 à 17 ans qui vise à identifier les facteurs de risque liés à la personnalité, tels que l’anxiété, la dépression et l’impulsivité, qui peuvent être associés à des problèmes de santé mentale et à l’abus de substances. Les ateliers visent à renforcer la capacité des jeunes à faire face et à leur fournir les outils dont ils ont besoin pour poursuivre et atteindre leurs objectifs à long terme.

Le programme a été développé par Dr. Patricia Conrod, professeure au Département de psychiatrie de l’Université de Montréal, psychologue clinicienne et chercheuse au Centre de recherche du CHU Sainte-Justine. Des études antérieures ont démontré que le programme PreVenture peut efficacement prévenir ou réduire l’abus d’alcool, la consommation de drogues ainsi que les problèmes de comportement et/ou de santé mentale. Des études antérieures ont également montré que les effets bénéfiques du programme peuvent être maintenus pendant deux ans après sa mise en œuvre.


HDGH and Maryvale Adolescent Services introduce the Family Navigation Program

As Windsor-Essex’s Lead Agency of Child and Youth Mental Health Services, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare (HDGH) is charged with local system planning in collaboration with its five core service provider agencies, Children First, HDGH’s Regional Children’s Centre, Maryvale Adolescent and Family Services, Family Respite Services and Windsor-Essex Community Health Centre (WeCHC) that serve children and youth under 18 years of age.

Together, our teams have been focused on improving outcomes through building system capacity, quality initiatives that improve access and navigation along with ensuring a common experience for all children, young people and their families when it comes to mental health and addiction services in our region.

Today, we are happy to announce partners HDGH’s Regional Children’s Centre (RCC) and Maryvale Adolescent and Family Services have co-developed the Family Navigation Program, a system resource helping underserved youth and their families connect and navigate the often complex local mental health system. The Family Navigation team is made up of a Navigators, one from each organization, working with youth and families who have historically experienced barriers to accessing mental health care.

As one of the most culturally diverse regions in Canada, our Navigators will work directly with community agencies like yours, getting to know your teams as well as the members of the community you serve.  They will act as problem solvers and guides helping underserved youth and their families overcome their perceived barriers through establishing trust, communication, and relationship building while liaising with other providers to assists in identifying appropriate referrals and next steps.

If you haven’t already met our Family Navigators Lisa LaRocque and Daniel Nehmetallah, they will be connecting through community outreach meeting our children, youth and their families where they are, in trusted locations familiar to them. If you would like to have Lisa and/or Daniel visit your agency, please call RCC at 519-257-5437 (KIDS) or Maryvale Adolescent and Family Services at 519-258-0484 during hours of operation.

Together, we continue to make progress towards a more connected, accessible, inclusive and equitable Child and Youth Mental Health System in Windsor Essex and recognize the increased need to make a difference across the lifespan in the lives of our community’s young people by not only intervening early but also in trusted and understood environments.  By means of establishing this trust, building relationships and forming connections, our teams are excited and honoured to work with our partner agencies, understanding the unique needs, values, beliefs and traditions of your community directly by your community.

You can learn more about Lisa, Daniel and the Family Navigation program by visiting www.hdgh.org/FamilyNavigation





Please note that Maryvale ceased its residential program, February 28, 2020, which was previously licenced under the authority of the Child, Youth and Family Services Act.

This residential program is and was a totally separate program from the  Windsor Regional Hospital Beds which continue to operate at Maryvale.