2022 Maryvale Strategic Plan/Audited Financial Statement


Founded in 1929, Maryvale is a Children’s Mental Health treatment centre in Windsor, Ontario, where adolescents experiencing very serious emotional, psychological and mental distress can receive therapy and assistance from a team of experts. Clinical experts provide multi- disciplinary treatment, from psychologists, child psychiatrists, social workers, child and youth workers, special education teachers, and nurse practitioners. In addition, a Neuro Psychologist, a Speech and Language Therapist, and a Family Physician are part of the Maryvale team.

Maryvale primarily serves young people (aged 13 to 17) and their families. Children and teens  of all ages up to 17 years are served in the Hospital bed program. These children and teens may be experiencing a range of mental health issues such as debilitating anxiety and depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts, complex high risk issues of disabilities and psychological problems, developmental disabilities combined with mental health concerns, etc.

Maryvale is primarily funded by the Ontario Ministries of Children and Youth Services and Health and Long Term Care and fundraising. There is no cost for Maryvale services. Maryvale is governed by a Board of Directors composed of lay persons with expertise in a range of disciplines.


The Maryvale Board of Directors identified the need to refresh the strategic plan in 2017. The previous strategic plan was developed in 2013 and a new vision and mission were created. For the 2018 refresh the Board of Directors agreed to continue with the existing vision and mission statements, conduct an environmental scan and develop new strategic directions.

The environmental scan included three elements:

  • Electronic survey for Board, staff and sponsors (sent to 115 people with 73 responses primarily from staff)
  • Focus group with community stakeholders (10 organizations attended)
  • Focus group with parents (4 parents attended)

The complete environmental scan can be found in Appendix A. The Board of Directors and Senior Staff members met on April 10, 2018. The following overview is the result of the discussion.

2018-22 Strategic Plan 

Vision Statement

Maryvale is the visible leader for mental health services for youth and families.

Mission Statement

Maryvale improves the quality of life for youth and families experiencing mental health challenges in Windsor/Essex and Chatham/Kent.

Strategic Directions

  • Invest in our Human Capital
  • Expand targeted services
  • Increase funding through advocacy

The following chart provides the strategic direction and the goals:


Strategic DirectionGoals
Invest in our Human Capital • Develop a staff recruitment and retention plan that includes – Succession planning – Salary (annual increases) and benefits (including pension) review – Training – Recognition • Develop a Board recruitment and retention plan – Succession planning – Review Terms of reference Revisit Governance structure
Expand targeted services• Investigate addiction services and best practices • Develop an agency response to adding addiction services • Improve technology within the agency – Integration Outreach
Increase funding through advocacyParticipate in stakeholders meetings to discuss children’s Mental health (Ministry, media, partners, elected officials)