To Inquire About Services Call:
(519) 258-0484 and ask for intake


Maryvale primarily serves young people (aged 13 to 17) and their families.

Family Engagement Committee

Family Engagement Committee

The Family Engagement Committee at Maryvale is a group of parents/guardians who have had experience with services provided at Maryvale. They share their thoughts and opinions and bring new ideas to help us provide a better experience for families receiving service. It provides an opportunity for caregivers to be involved and be a voice in the care and treatment for youth and families at Maryvale. It is a low-key group and no additional time commitment is required.

Meeting Information

WHEN The second Wednesday of each month

TIME 6:00pm - 7:00pm

WHERE From the comfort of your own home

HOW Virtually on Zoom

There are no meetings in July or August

We would love to hear your ideas and have you on our team

If you are interested in joining us or would like more information, please contact: Sean Davis (519) 258-0549 ext. 2166 or


Some of our accomplishments over the past few years include:

Created an e-newsletter to enhance communications with families to stay in touch with Maryvale and the community.

Reviewed and made recommendations to streamline the admission process

Reviewed Maryvale service areas and developed a brochure to be given to families waiting for crisis services in the Emergency Department

Developed a list of services and helpful resources to be given to families new to Maryvale


“I find it rewarding to see how much we have accomplished and the good things we have done to help the children, parents and staff at Maryvale”


“My son had used the day treatment program, the Outreach Program and Psychology support at Maryvale. I appreciated all the support and kindness that we received during the time we used Maryvale’s services. I had asked if there was a way to give back or to offer support to Maryvale in any way as a thank you. I was told there was a Family Engagement Committee and they were always looking for new members to help with planning, support and ideas to improve Maryvale’s programs. Maryvale needs feedback and ideas from the families and clients to improve and keep offering excellent services.

The once a month Zoom meetings are little to give for the support our family has received for our son. I learn something new each time and enjoy the relationships that have developed with other parents and the staff. I feel the caregivers give meaningful suggestions and that our opinions are important to help make Maryvale an even better place.” 

Community Partners

Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare’s Regional Children’s Centre

3901 Connaught Street,
Windsor, Ontario, N9C 4H4


The Ontario Ministries of Health and MCCSS

270 Erie Street East,
Windsor, Ontario N9A 7E3

Telephone 519.254.1651
Fax 519.255.7976
Toll Free 1.800.387.7327
TTY 519.254.4850

Windsor Regional Hospital

Mental health beds dedicated for children and adolescents for Chatham Kent and Windsor Essex are located on the Maryvale campus.

Greater Essex County District School Board

451 Park Street West,
P.O. Box 210
Windsor, Ontario,
Canada N9A 6K1


Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board

1325 California Ave.,
Windsor, Ontario,
Canada, N9B 3Y6


Family Respite Services

2565 Ouellette Avenue,
Suite 150,
Windsor, Ontario N8X 4V8

Telephone 519.972.9688
Fax 519.972.8902
Emergency Number 519.259.4305

Good Shepherd Sisters Mid North America

Noah’s House Mental Health Foundation Inc.

Noah’s House Youth Centre is located at 2341 Pillette Rd in Windsor, Ontario N8T 1P7


Youth Wellness Hub Ontario

Windsor Location
215 Eugenie St W.
Windsor, Ontario N8X 2X7

Autism Ontario Western Region

The Summit Centre for Preschool Children with Autism

940 Prince Road,
Windsor, Ontario N9C 2Z5


Trans Wellness

Storwell Self Storage – Foster Child Bursary

$2000.00 – Check out the link to see if you qualify

Useful Services & Resources

Children First

Children First in Essex County partners with families and the community to provide individualized support for children (birth to 6 years) with developmental and/or mental health challenges, helping them reach their full potential through early identification, education, and clinical intervention. Located at 3295 Quality Way – Suite 102, Windsor, ON N8T 3R9. Telephone: (519) 250-1850

Family Respite Services Windsor - Essex

A Windsor-Essex community organization that works with families caring for children under the age of eighteen who have intellectual, physical and mental health disabilities. We facilitate the provision of respite services that contribute to: The sustaining and enriching of a family’s quality of life and seek the fullest participation of the child in the community. 

Located at 3295 Quality Way Unit 101A, Windsor, ON N8T 3R9. Telephone: (519) 972-9688

Help Link Access Services

for Children, Youth, and Families is the central access point for all children’s mental health and associated services for Windsor-Essex. Help Link provides information, referral services, and service coordination to families who have require assistance in navigating local community services for children and youth. Help Link is also involved in the coordination of Community Triple P Parenting, organization of Community Case Conferences, completing Case Resolution processes, and accessing to services outside Windsor-Essex (e.g., CPRI, Regional Mental Health – Adolescent Unit). 

Located at 3901 Connaught Street Windsor, ON N9C 4H4. Telephone: (519) 257-5288

The Inn of Windsor

was established to provide a community based residential care program to serve females 13 up to age of 18 years, as well as an independent living program for males and females 16 up to age 21 years who are in need of community supports. 

Located at 1687 Wyandotte St. E, Windsor, ON N8Y 1C8. Telephone: (519) 252-7768

John McGivney Children’s Centre (JMCC)

provides specialized pediatric therapy services to approximately 2,700 children and youth each year from birth to 21 years who reside in Essex County. Services are funded through the Ministry of Children and Youth and are provided free of charge for residents of Ontario. Services are provided to children who experience difficulty with everyday activities like crawling and walking, feeding, hand function and communicating as well as those with developmental disabilities, orthopedic impairments, and complex chronic illnesses. Difficulties can be due to neurological, developmental, musculoskeletal or other physical or health reasons. Individuals, parents or legal guardians, physicians and other community agencies can make a referral by completing a referral form on our website or by calling.

Located at the 3945 Matchette Rd, Windsor, ON N9C 4C2. Telephone: (519) 252-7281

Learning Disabilities Association of Windsor – Essex County (LDAWE)

is a chapter of the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario (LDAO). The organization was reactivated in 1993 by a small group of concerned parents and professionals in the Windsor – Essex County area, who were committed to improving the quality of life for learning disabled individuals. In 2001, a 3-year Ontario Trillium Foundation grant was received to open a resource and support centre. In February 2004, the organization received its Charitable Status from the Canadian government. The local activities of the organization are governed by a volunteer board of directors, who follow the policies of LDAO. 

Located at 3640 Wells St Cottage 6, Windsor, Ontario N9C 1T9 Telephone: (519) 252-7889

Leone Residence

A 6 bed residential treatment facility for adolescent females (ages 11-17 years) experiencing social, emotional, behavioural or psychiatric disorders. Intake referrals through Children’s Aid Society. 

Located at Kildare Rd. and Brant St. (1 block north of Wyandotte St E). Telephone: (519) 256-5274

Regional Children’s Centre (RCC)

is an accredited children’s mental health centre serving children and adolescents who are dealing with social, emotional, developmental, and/or behavioural issues, and their families. The Centre offers a variety of crisis stabilization, diagnostic, assessment, treatment, and consultative services designed to promote healthy functioning of children, youth, and their families within the home, school, and community. The Centre offers on-site out-patient and residential services and community based programs. 

Located at 3896 Connaught Ave, Windsor, ON N9C 4H4. Telephone: (519) 257-5215

Walk In Clinic at RCC: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Teen Health Centre/Windsor Essex Community Health Centre

Community Health Centres (CHCs) are non-profit, community-governed organizations that provide primary health care, health promotion and community development services, using interdisciplinary teams of health providers. These teams often include physicians, nurse practitioners, dietitians, health promoters, counsellors and others who are paid by salary, rather than through a fee-for-service system. 

Located at 1585 Ouellette Ave. Windsor, ON N8X 1K5. Telephone: (519)-253-8481

Windsor Essex Children’s Aid Society (WECAS)

A Children’s Aid Society (CAS) works in each community to provide help and support to children and their families. It is mandated to uphold Child & Family Services Act (CFSA) and is funded through the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services. The Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society is responsible for investigating all allegations of child abuse, including neglect, while also providing protection services to children, youth and their families residing in Essex County. 

Located at 671 Riverside Dr. E, Windsor, ON N8Y 5B5. Telephone: (519) 252-1171

Naseeha is a Mental Health Youth Hotline, and so much more

“7 days a week we answer calls from around the world from Muslim and non-muslims. Naseeha Mental Health has been a great bridge for individuals who are going through life’s challenges. Where hope is lost, Naseeha is found. We provide a safe zone for youths and individuals to talk and get the help they need. We provide workshops to youth across North America, web therapy sessions, and offer texting mental health support 7 days a week.”

Documentary Movie about SPACE is Out!

I’m writing with some exciting news!

BREAKING FREE OF ANXIETY: A JOURNEY THROUGH SPACE a moving brief documentary film about families coping with anxiety and going through SPACE treatment is now out and freely available to view.

If your child is at immediate risk to harm self or others, please proceed to the Emergency Room at:

Windsor Regional Hospital – Metropolitan Campus (age 0-15)

Windsor Regional Hospital – Ouellette Campus (age 16+)

We R Kids and Youth Mental Health website: