Black History Month

Windsor and Essex County are rich in Black heritage. Canadians of African descent have played important roles in the cultural, political, social, and economic progress of our local communities. Our region has been populated by people of African descent from the 18th century, when enslaved Africans were counted among the households of French-speaking pioneers and English-speaking United Empire loyalists. In the 19th century, African American freedom seekers along with free people of colour streamed into this area by the thousands. In the modern era, immigrants from the farthest reaches of Africa and the Caribbean have made this their home.

*This information is courtesy of the 2023 Windsor-Essex County Black History Month Kick-Off pamphlet. The event was presented jointly by the Essex County Black Historical Research Society, Windsor West Indian Association, Amherstburg Freedom Museum, and Black Women of Forward Action.

Books written by black authors for teens:

Books written by black authors for adults: